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Coconut-Banana Green Smoothie!!

Coconut-Banana Green Smoothie!!

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Hey guys! I finally tried adding spinach to my smoothie today! It actually was amazing! Thanks Tara for the awesome idea :). I feel so good knowing I am getting some greens in at breakfast too now. This smoothie ended up being huge! It was almost spilling out of my little blender haha. Shown in the picture isn't even the whole smoothie! But it kept me more full then usual. Did I mention it tasted super good? Plus..I got a new protein powder that is absolutely amazing. Hands down the best one yet! It actually makes my smoothies taste better! So if you feel that your not getting enough veggies and greens but can't bring yourself to eat them, look no further, this smoothie has come to the rescue.

-5-6 small ice cubes
-1 small cube of frozen coconut cream(I froze some in an ice cube tray but feel free to just use another tbsp of refrigerated coconut cream!)
-1/2 a large ripe frozen banana
-1/4 of a large cucumber, peel on
-1 large handful of spinach
-1 tbsp refrigerated coconut cream
-1 scoop vanilla protein powder(I used my new designer whey french vanilla, it's amazing!!)
-1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Optional: 1-2 drops coconut extract

Directions: Add all ingredients to blender in the order listed and blend until smooth! Add coconut extract afterwards to taste if using.


Calories: 240
(My protein powder has 100cals per scoop)

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