Tropical Pre-Workout Green Smoothie!

Tropical Pre-Workout Green Smoothie!


Hey guys, if you are feeling tired and run down before your workouts, don’t turn straight to artificial supplements and pre-workouts! First try this delicious smoothie. It gives a great energy boost naturally and lots of important vitamins and minerals all packed into a delicious sweet treat! It’s great right before a workout or as a filling breakfast to start your day! Let me know what you think :).

Serves 1


-1/2 cup raw liquid egg whites (pasteurized)fr_2202_size880

-1 ripe frozen banana(120g)

-1/2 cup frozen mango(70g)

-1/2 cup frozen peaches(70g)

-6 large leaves of romaine lettuce chopped(90g)

-1/2 cup-2/3 cup water(depending on how much you need to blend, mine worked with a little over 1/2 cup)

-1 tsp flax seed

-Optional: few drops of vanilla extract, few drops of coconut extract, stevia/truvia or another sweetener such as honey to taste.)


Directions: Place all ingredients in your blender and blend on high until smooth and creamy! *Note* blend a little longer than usual so the romaine gets completely blended with no little pieces.

Nutrition Facts: 286 calories, 2g fat, 7g fibre, 17g protein

Coconut-Banana Green Smoothie!!

Coconut-Banana Green Smoothie!!

green smoothie green smoothie 2

Hey guys! I finally tried adding spinach to my smoothie today! It actually was amazing! Thanks Tara for the awesome idea :). I feel so good knowing I am getting some greens in at breakfast too now. This smoothie ended up being huge! It was almost spilling out of my little blender haha. Shown in the picture isn’t even the whole smoothie! But it kept me more full then usual. Did I mention it tasted super good? Plus..I got a new protein powder that is absolutely amazing. Hands down the best one yet! It actually makes my smoothies taste better! So if you feel that your not getting enough veggies and greens but can’t bring yourself to eat them, look no further, this smoothie has come to the rescue. Take me to the recipe!