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Breakfast & Snack Today

Breakfast Disaster Pancake
Hey Everyone! So here is what I ate for breakfast and mid-afternoon snack today. I decided to try a new pancake recipe than one of my usual ones to change things up a bit. The result? An extremely deformed batch of pancakes that were a bit to sticky! They still tasted great! But the centre didn't quite cook the through while the edges browned quickly. I am quite sure this was the cause of me not adding enough oats and adding too much liquid/fruit! (They were banana-blue-berry-raspberry haha).


Snack today was good though. I had one of the left over pieces of dijon chicken along with 1/2 cup of thawed green beans/carrot mixture with a little salt/pepper and vinegar for dipping. 🙂 I also had a half-scoop of vanilla protein powder in water as I need to up my calorie in-take. I am looking to build some more muscle!

Well anyways, I will do a post later about my dinner for tonight, as well I will continue to attempt protein pancakes until I get a nicer recipe, haha. I also have some other healthy pancake recipes that include delicious coconut oil! I will post those eventually! 🙂 Keep checking back!

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