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Back From Vacation!

Hey guys! I got back from my vacation yesterday! I had such an awesome time. The weather was amazing and so was the food and the people! I just wanted to share with you a few pics of some of the delicious dinners I had!


This was a delicious cracked conch sandwich served with onion rings(my favourite!) and tartar sauce.


Next is of course..a Pina Colada!


This was probably my favourite dinner of the vacation, fresh grouper in a tempura batter served with lime and fries/mango slaw on the side. Soo soo good! I felt bad I could only finish 1 piece of fish, if I had more room I would have finished it all haha.


Another night I had grouper yet again, (I really like grouper..). But this time it wasn't battered, it was served in some really nice spicy sauce with cucumber yogurt sauce and fluffy rice!



We ended up getting dessert to share that night which included an interesting form of cheesecake and a warm apple tart with ice cream! It wasn't exactly what we'd had in mind but it was still pretty good :).

Lastly I had this beautiful snapper with the best mashed potatoes ever! Topped with shrimp, lots of veggies and a great sauce. Yum!

Overall the food in turks was amazing and I would go back just for that itself! But my vacation really was amazing, I had so much fun and I loved just spending time alone with friends.

P.S I also bought this really cute mug for my tea, I love that it comes with a mini spoon!


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