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5 Fast and Simple Ways to Burn More Calories & Stay in Shape


These tips are quick, simple and you can do most of them just about anywhere, everyday! Get ready to rev your metabolism.

1. FIDGET! This is literally a form of exercise classified under the name Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis(NEAT) I don't care where you are, what your doing..just move in some way! Tap your foot or your fingers, wiggle your toes,move up and down on the balls of your feet. move around in your chair, pace if standing and waiting, don't sit still!  Just doing these small movements can burn anywhere from 200-350 calories extra every day just by fidgeting!

2.Eat Breakfast. I know this sounds like it is the opposite of what you should be doing but believe me! Your body has been fasting all night and needs calories to sort of wake it up again. By eating a healthy balanced breakfast in the morning you are revving your body's metabolism and giving it the energy it needs to start the day! On the other hand, if you do not eat breakfast, your metabolism will begin to slow down resulting in less calories burned plus your are more likely to eat more at lunch!

3. Have good posture. Sit up straight during the day! You ab muscles will thank-you! By sitting up straight your are working your core throughout the day. For an additional muscle boost, flex your ab muscles whenever possible. Just by flexing and holding, you are giving your abs a mini workout! This can help with definition.

4. Chew sugar-free gum. Personally I am already a gum addict so this is no problem for me haha but gum is known to burn a small amount of calories per day if chewed regularly as well as help to depress hunger. Also, did you know gum is recommended to help you relax during a test or to help your memorize information? This is because more blood is pumped to your heart to support the chewing action. Lastly! Gum can help to define your jaw if chewed often and overall it just tastes great :).

5. Drink Green-Tea. Green Tea has many healthy benefits, one being an increase in metabolism. Thus, your body burns more calories if you drink it on a regular basis.


So there you go! 5 simple quick steps you can do everyday to improve your health. Just don't forget the essentials of proper eating habits and exercise are important if you are really looking to shape up!


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