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Keto Peppermint Bark (Keto Christmas “Crack”)

Keto Peppermint Bark (Keto Christmas “Crack”)

keto peppermint bark

If you are looking for a perfect after-dinner holiday treat to curb your sweet tooth then look no further.

This is not your ordinary keto peppermint bark.

This low-carb version combines coconut oil and cream cheese for a deliciously creamy white layer, while the chocolate layer is made using a technique similar to how you'd make low-carb sweetened condensed milk to create a silky, rich chocolate swirl.

Plus the pecans and coconut or whatever else you throw on top is just bonus. 😉

This is one treat even your non-keto family members will be asking for again and again.

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Keto Peppermint Bark (Keto Christmas “Crack”)

Serves: ~12


Coconut Oil Portion
Chocolate Portion
  • 1/4 cup 18% cream(60ml) (can also use 35% for a richer result more like sweetened condensed milk!)
  • 2 tsp(10g) butter
  • 2 1/2 tbsp splenda (or another sweetener that measures like sugar)
  • 1/16 tsp xanthan gum OR more as needed
  • 2 tbsp(30g) stevia-sweetened chocolate-chips
  • Pecans, shredded coconut, chocolate-chips, sprinkles etc. for topping.


  1. In a medium size bowl, add your coconut oil and using a hand mixer, beat it until it reaches a smooth consistency (it's best to have your coconut oil at room temp… aka not completely hard but not melted completely either for this).
  2. Next add your cream cheese, sweeteners and flavour extracts and again beat until the mixture it smooth (if you have any clumps or find it not coming together, you can just microwave it for 10s as needed to get it to smooth out again). Set aside.
  3. In small pot, add your cream and bring it to a boil over medium-high heat, stirring CONSTANTLY. (If it starts to bubble-up, just remove it from the heat for a second, continuing to stir and then place it back again). Boil it for about 2-5min or until some evaporates and it becomes just slightly thicker (this works best with 35% cream, 18% won't change as much).
  4. Next remove the pot from the heat and add the butter, sweeter and xanthan gum. Whisk well until it becomes a slightly thicker consistency. You can add more xanthan gum if needed careful, a little goes A LONG WAY.
  5. Finally add your chocolate-chips and stir until smooth.
  6. Line a baking sheet with parchment and grease the parchment lightly with butter or cooking oil.
  7. Beat your coconut oil mixture for another 10s or so if it's started to separate at all then pour it on the parchment, spreading it out into a rectangular shape using a spatula. (Don't worry if the oil separates slightly, it will freeze fine, just make sure there aren't any big gaps).
  8. Finally pour your chocolate mixture in blobs on top of the white layer. Spread it over top slightly and then using a knife, make swirls through the white and chocolate layers. (This does not have to look perfect!)
  9. Finally add any additional toppings you wish and then place the sheet in the freezer to harden over-night(leave un-covered).
  10. The next day, slice into various sized pieces and serve immediately or store for a later occasion in an air-tight container! Enjoy!! 🙂

Nutrition per 1/12th of recipe: 84cals | 8.5g of fat | 1g of NET carbs | 1g of protein | 0.8g of fibre


keto peppermint bark

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