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Keto Microwave Fudge Brownie for One

Keto Microwave Fudge Brownie for One

Guys, let's be real today. I know I will not win any awards for the best photography skills with this post but honestly, it's not easy to take a photo of something in a bowl, let me tell you. Especially when your Nikon camera of years decides to spontaneously call it quits and all you're left with is your Iphone 7 camera which honestly probably has cocoa powder or something on the lens considering the amount of baking I do around it…but any-who, this recipe I promise tastes better than it looks. It's super simple to make and makes an easy dessert for later. (I typically just make it in the morning and then leave it in the fridge until I'm ready to eat it for dessert in the evening). It's the perfect small fix for any chocolate craving..

Keto Microwave Fudge Brownie.pngServes: 1



  1. In a small bowl add your butter and chocolate-chips.
  2. Microwave until just melted, stir to combine.
  3. Next add your vitafiber syrup, vanilla, sweeteners, almond flour, cocoa powder, salt and xanthan gum.
  4. Stir until a nice ball of dough begins to form (add pecans here if using).
  5. Place the ball into another small bowl greased with butter or oil(optional, just comes out looking cleaner!) Press down just slightly to fit the bowl (you can also place your additional chocolate-chips on top at this point if using).
  6. Microwave for ~1:30s. (I stopped mine at 45s intervals to check it).
  7. After it's done it will still be slightly soft but the vitafiber will help it set!
  8. Place in the fridge or freezer for 5-10min to firm it up and then enjoy with some homemade low-carb whipping cream….!

*Note: If you don't have vitafiber syrup you can also try using 1 tsp of egg instead. Just be warned that you may want to watch your cooking time more closely as your brownie may set faster than with vitafiber.

Nutrition: 213cals, 20F/3.6C(NET)/5P & 10.5G fibre
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