Microwave Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

Keto Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

Super easy to put together, only takes a minute to bake and can be defined as the ultimate keto comfort food. Who doesn’t love a good chocolate-chip cookie?!

Microwave Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie



  1. In a small bowl combine all of your wet ingredients.
  2. Add your sweeteners and flours and mix well. (Add more or less sweetener/salt to taste).
  3. Stir in your chocolate-chips then place the ball of dough on a greased plate.
  4. Microwave for 1min-1:30s (mine took 1:30s but my microwave isn’t the greatest, haha, so be careful).
  5. Remove from microwave and let it set for a few minutes before enjoying! (I eat mine with a spoon since it’s more of a soft cookie when done in the microwave but you can try to take it off the plate or make 2 little cookies for easier removal if you’d like!)

*Note: For the flax and water you can probably sub 1 tbsp of a whisked egg or an egg yolk instead. This is just all I had on hand at the time!

Nutrition Facts: 260 cals | 23g of fat | 4g of NET carbs | 5g of protein | 7.8g fibre

I’ve had a lot of questions regarding nutrition facts on my previous recipes, please let me know if you like this set-up better and are able to understand it clearly!

Keto Microwave Chocolate Chip CookieKeto Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookie

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4 thoughts on “Microwave Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie

  1. Was so looking forward to this cookie straight in from the grocery store. Followed to a tee and ended up with a grainy, fall apart, frying plate of mush. I noticed no egg, no baking soda or powder. I added egg yoke and tried again…nope.

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