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One thing I never really liked was cereal, a lot of people might call me crazy but I was just never a “cereal person”. I’d rather have eaten a muffin or bagel for breakfast before going paleo. But now I discovered..cereal can actually be really good and I guarantee, you will probably like paleo cereal just as much if not more than regular cereal! It’s got tons of different things in it including chocolate.. and tastes soo good, like I can’t explain how much I love this recipe. Each bite has a new flavour since there are so many unique ingredients and the sweetness from it is just perfect. Anyways..Here’s how you make it!

2-3 large strawberries
2-3 tbsp blueberries
1 tsp of cacao nibs
1/2 tbsp cashews
1/2 tbsp walnuts
1 tbsp almonds (chopped or almond slivers)
1 tsp carob chips
1/3 a large square of 70% lindt dark chocolate
1/2 tbsp peanuts
1/3 cup coconut milk(the one that comes in a carton, not full fat! I use coconut dream)
-1/2 tbsp sugar-free syrup, pure maple syrup or honey
-1 drop stevia
-cinnamon(optional, haven’t tried this yet but I bet it would be great!)

Directions: Chop all ingredients into small pieces and place in a bowl, add coconut milk and 1 drop of stevia, stir and top with a drizzle of sugar-free syrup! Enjoy! 🙂

*I realize some of the ingredients may not be 100% paleo but feel free to remove them and replace with any nut or fruit of choice or even unsweetened shredded coconut!* 🙂 You can also double this recipe if you want! I just eat it as a quick snack usually with something else so I don’t eat a large bowl.

Nutrition Facts: 15g carbs, 16g fat, 7g protein

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