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Stoka Nutrition Product Review | Stoka Bars | Sugar Free Sprinkles

Stoka Nutrition Product Review | Stoka Bars | Sugar Free Sprinkles

Stoka Nutrition Product Review | Stoka Bars | Sugar Free Sprinkles

The following is a sponsored post for Stoka Nutrition but all of the views and opinions expressed are my own.

Hey Guys!

Today I just wanted to share a review with you in regards to some products I've been using in a lot of my recipes recently.

The products I'll be reviewing were all created by a company called “Stoka Nutrition“.

Stoka produces keto friendly sprinkles, cereal and sugar free marshmallow fluff.

But they are mainly known for their Stoka Bars. Low Carb, high protein bars that come in a variety of flavours.

(They even have an older “Krunchstyle bar that they just re-released!)

Stoka Nutrition was kind enough to gift me the products for this review BUT the opinions expressed here are all my own!

I will NEVER work with a brand unless I truly love what they represent and they are one awesome company.

The people at Stoka have been nothing short of awesome when it comes to sending out product and sharing my content using their products.

Coming from a food blogger that's had plenty of companies reach out and ask her to use their products in posts just to have them never tag or re-share the recipe you created for them or stop responding all together..

Stoka Nutrition was like a breath of fresh air!

You KNOW a company cares about their customers when they respond to all their comments, reply quickly to messages and are quick to share any posts made about their products.

Trust me when I say they are one of the best I've had the pleasure of working with. 

They've even given a 20% discount to share with my followers (SAMMYSAM) that you guys can use on their website to purchase any of the products reviewed here today. (I do NOT receive any commission from this link. It's purely for you guys!)

I also just wanted to share this screenshot from their “about us” page on their website.

stoka nutrition about us

The story behind their company is truly inspiring. Just another reason I am happy to be writing this review for them. 

I'm also extremely picky when it comes to my keto baking ingredients so trust me when I say I'm being as honest as I can in this review of Stoka Nutrition

Now moving on to what you've all been waiting for..the review!

Before getting started I recommend you watch the short little video attached to this post.  I created it to outline what their brand offers. It may give you a better idea of the bar/cereal textures and what other products they have!


Stoka Bars Review

Starting off with everyone's favourite, I'm going to go through and review the Stoka Bars

Stoka bars review

These bars are really great. If you're used to the classic chewy protein bars, these are such a nice change. 

When I bit into my first bar (which happened to be the peanut butter and jelly flavour)..

I really expected that “hard to chew”, standard bar texture I've been so used to after working in the supplement industry for years…

But instead, I was met with this delicious, crunchy, easy to chew texture. I'm not lying when I say I was shocked. I'd never had low carb bar before with this texture. 

The bar flavour was sweet but not overly strong, it tasted like “real food” to say the least. It didn't have any strong artificial sweetener under-tones. I actually tasted quite natural with the light peanut butter flavour and the little hints of strawberry. 

I was really impressed and happily ate the whole bar after I'd told myself I'd just “test it” lol. 

My only small complaint about the bars is that they are a tad bit messy. But nothing you can't handle if you've dealt with Nutrigrain bars before, haha. 

I'd also take the crumbliness of these bars any day over the hard and chewy texture of something like Quest Bars (sorry Quest!). 

Next, I just want to say that these protein bars win in regards to their nutritional profile.

They are Keto, Vegan, Paleo, Low Carb and Low Glycemic.

Each Stoka Bar contains roughly 230 calories, 20-22g fat, 3-4g of NET carbs, 8-9g of protein, 4-5g fiber.

The bars are made with super simple all natural ingredients, which I love!

Now in terms of flavours, I loved the Peanut Butter and Jelly Stoka Bar but that may just be personal preference.

All of the flavours they offer in the new version of their bars include:

The Vanilla Almond is surprisingly also really good, It's not something I'd usually choose since I'm not a big vanilla fan but I actually really enjoyed it. Maybe it was the hint of almond flavour that added something!

vanilla almond stoka bar review

Birthday Cake is another good one. My other family members actually loved this one!

Birthday Cake isn't my personal first choice so it wasn't the top of my list but obviously was still very good!

Sea Salt Caramel was great, I love anything caramel flavoured..and  I'd definitely eat this one again! 

Pumpkin Spice is the newest flavour and I was super excited to try it! It's honestly really good as well. Anything fall flavoured this time of year makes me so happy. I definitely recommend you guys give this bar a try if you like anything “spiced”.

Lastly, Peanut Chocolate Chip was of course one I loved because if you've followed my blog for some time, you'll know I am definitely a chocolate-lover. This combo is perfect and this is definitely one of the better peanut butter and chocolate protein bars I've tried.

peanut chocolate chip stoka bar review

Now these are all the Stoka Bar flavours for the new bars..

Stoka Nutrition Krunch Bars Review

keto krunch bars

..but they recently re-released their old “Krunch style bars because of popular demand!

These original bars definitely have a “crunchier” texture to them but honestly I loved them just as much as the regular bars!

I can see why they changed the texture for the current bars to make them a bit more smooth and less crumbly but I really do love the flavour of the original bars still!

These older-style Krunch Bars come in 3 flavours similar to the ones above:

Like I mentioned, the flavours are very similar to the other bars just because these were the original before the texture was changed. 

They also have pretty much identical nutritional info when compared to the other bars!

In terms of flavour, again for some reason I really am stuck on the Vanilla Almond. It's such a simple bar but I love that about it.

The Stoka Bars, whether they are the newer bars or the older Krunch style bars make an awesome filling snack.

I found they keep me satisfied for quite some time after eating them and I noticed that with their cereal as well (which we will talk about next!).

Stoka Nutrition Cereal Review

keto cereal review


I could just say that and be done to be honest.

But I'll try to give you some more details, haha.

This keto cereal or better yet, keto granola, is super hearty and filling. It goes amazing with almond or coconut milk.

Even my non-keto mother tried it with regular milk and LOVED it. This is my Mom who has eaten cheerios for the past I don't know.. 20 years of her life for breakfast daily (I'm not joking).

She said she could never eat keto because then she'd have to give up her beloved cereal but I think I may have just changed her mind with this one! 

The Stoka Nutrition Granola is really tasty. It does remind me a lot of the texture of their bars, just more broken up into chunks. 

It really works because it's got all this great nuttiness to it but then for example, the Strawberry Almond Cereal has these beautiful freeze dried pieces of strawberry that are so good!

I love that I can eat a small portion and be full hours after. It's amazing. 

Especially when you compare it to your standard non-keto cereal that leaves you starving just an hour later.

The cereal again actually has almost the same nutrition facts as their bars.

I only tried the Strawberry Almond and Coco Almond Cereal but I'm sure the Vanilla Almond is just as good as these two!

It has: ~240cals per 1/2 cup serving (trust me it's a filling serving), 20g of fat, 3-4g NET carbs, 8-9g protein, 6g fiber

I didn't have any on hand at the time but this cereal would also be so good on top of some low carb yogurt or keto friendly ice cream!

I've even used this cereal to make Keto Peanut Butter Cereal Bars!! These were delicious.

My parents, who as I mentioned do not eat keto, ended up eating these as dessert for the next few nights because they liked them so much!

Stoka Sugar Free Rainbow Sprinkles Review

stoka sugar free rainbow sprinkles

Ahh, the one I was waiting to write about.

I cannot say enough good thinks about these sugar free sprinkles.

They just make me happy.

I remember ages ago I was looking for sugar free sprinkles to make birthday cake cookies with for my blog but couldn't find them anywhere so instead I tried to attempt my own sprinkles at home using coloured shredded coconut..

Boy was that a mistake. 

I ended up with a big food colouring disaster and ended up colouring my hands better than the coconut itself.

For a while I just gave up on the idea of keto sprinkles, that is until I somehow stumbled across Stoka Nutrition's Sugar Free Rainbow Sprinkles

I was so excited when I saw them! I'd planned to buy them but instead they happened to reach out to me and send me some instead!

Funny how that worked out. 

I immediately got to work making all kinds of recipes with these sugar free sprinkles and let me tell you, they work awesome!

So far I've made: 

But I have so many more recipes I am excited to try with these keto friendly sprinkles!

Overall, these are one of my favourite Stoka Nutrition products and I'd highly recommend these sprinkles to anyone on a long-term keto diet. These make every dessert better!

Don't forget to use discount code “SAMMYSAM” if you want to try them for 20% OFF!

Stoka Nutrition Z-Mellow Sugar Free Marshmallow Creme Reviewz-mellow stoka marshmallow creme review

Lastly, we have this awesome keto friendly, sugar free marshmallow fluff!! 

This stuff is so fun.

In the past I had regular marshmallow fluff maybe once or twice but never quite knew what to do with it.

Nowadays, with plenty of baking experience and trial and error in the kitchen, I've learned there are plenty of possibilities!

This stuff is great in no bake desserts and can be used as a binder to mix together your favourite ingredients to form bars or rice krispy style treats. (Hint, Hint.. Stoka Nutrition Cereal would work well with this..)

Personally I had this idea that I wanted to make s'mores. That's something I felt I missed out on a lot this summer so I figured, why not make my own version.

It turned out amazing.

I layered together a nice almond flour and cinnamon crust, topped it with the Stoka Nutrition Sugar Free Marshmallow Fluff, then topped that layer with a thick layer of stevia sweetened chocolate.

The bars were epic! The Stoka Nutrition Z-Mellow really made them.

sugar free marshmallow fluff

..And the fact that their Marshmallow fluff is pretty much 0 NET carbs and is made using allulose as the sweetener means it gets a thumbs up in my books.

Allulose is one of the newest sweeteners on the market and it bakes beautifully, is easy on your digestive system and has the most amazing sweetness to it with no weird after-taste. 

Marshmallow Fluff you can feel good about eating..who would have thought!

All-in all Stoka Nutrition has a great line of products. If you noticed, I really couldn't say anything bad about any of them. 

They are a small company but are growing quickly and I see a bright future for them!   

If you are on a ketogenic diet, they are definitely a brand I'd recommend you try for yourself. 

Leave a comment here telling me what you thought or what your favourite Stoka Nutrition product is!

stoka products reviewed

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