My favourite salad..


My current favourite salad includes chopped romaine and spinach, lemon dijon chicken, red and green peppers, red and green onion, a large handful of chickpeas, a little crumbled herbed goat cheese and about 4 large crushed pecans topped with a dash of salt and a lot of pepper served with Italian dressing. delicious !
via PicsArt Photo Studio

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4 thoughts on “My favourite salad..

    1. Same! It’s amazing :), especially this herbed kind! I can’t eat a lot of cheese anymore because it upsets my stomach but goat cheese doesn’t bother me at all!

      1. Yeah, cheese really isn’t good for you, but if you can find a better option than I guess it’s a go! I also love feta. I don’t really notice that cheese makes me feel crappy until I go without it and realize how great I feel.

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