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Almost Paleo Chocolate Gingerbread Protein Pancakes

Almost Paleo Chocolate Gingerbread Protein Pancakes

Chocolate Breakfast Chocolate Protein Pancakes Chocolate Mess Pancakes Chocolate Mess
These are the most decadent breakfast food that I've had in a while..The gingerbread flavour is right on..but of course anything slathered in dark chocolate and vegan butter is going to taste amazing. I highly recommend you drop everything and make these immediately. Who says you can't eat chocolate for dinner?

First follow my past post on gingerbread protein pancakes:

(I changed it a little by using my awesome new vanilla trutein protein powder & whipping half of the egg whites then folding it into the rest of the batter. I also had to compensate for this protein powder's naturally thick consistency by adding additional almond milk. Lastly I used stevia drops instead of spenda to taste).

Low-Carb Gingerbread Protein Pancakes(Top Pick!)

*Tip* Cook the pancakes low and slow! They usually fluff up a bit and don't get cooked in the centre but burn on the edges if you cook them too high. So cook on a low heat and flip when they just start to brown! Also if you batter is thick, be sure to shake your pan back and forth to help spread the batter thinner.

Then for the chocolate:

-add 2 squarea of lindt 70% dark chocolate broken into chunks to your pancakes while they cook. (If you have extra, do what I did and place the last chunk on top to melt over your pancakes…mmmmm.

Keep pancakes warm in the oven and once you've used all the batter take them out and top with 2tsp of vegan butter(you can omit if you want  lower fat). Serve with sugar-free syrup or just eat the way they are! Enjoy 🙂

*Tip* To make paleo you could try subbing banana for the cottage cheese but I personally cannot vouch for the results.

Nutrition Facts: 16g fat(with chocolate & butter), 17g carbs, 33g protein

Would you eat chocolate for breakfast everyday if you could? I would.


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