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Catalina Crunch Cereal Reviews 2021 | ALL Flavors

Catalina Crunch Cereal Reviews 2021 | ALL Flavors

Have you heard of the new keto cereal called Catalina Crunch?

Hi I'm Sam, keto food blogger and official taste-tester of all things low carb and gluten free that I can get my hands on. LOL

Disclaimer: These Catalina Crunch reviews contains some affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a product through one of these links, I may receive a small commission. This does NOT affect your purchase in any way.

Today we will be reviewing a new keto cereal on the market called “Catalina Crunch“.  This is “a ZERO sugar, gluten free, low carb solution to your mornings” according to the Catalina Crunch website. 

This cereal contains seven plant proteins and fibres that are designed to keep you full longer. This includes resistant starches, which are basically starches that your body doesn't fully digest and ones that do not affect your blood sugar levels. 

Since this cereal is so high in fiber, it stays in your stomach longer and gives you that “Full” feeling so you can go longer after eating it without getting hungry than you would any other regular high carb cereal.

This keto cereal also contains a whopping 11g of protein coming from plants making it a great keto vegan friendly option. Not to mention the fact that the protein will even further increase the fullness effect your feel after eating this cereal. 

The cereal itself is super crunchy and has a mild sweetness so it's not too overwhelming. It pairs really well with almond milk, coconut milk or any other low carb milk you prefer. 

Originally Catalina Crunch did go through a phase of being judged for the cereal's look since it reminded many people of dog food because of it's small crunchy, pebble-like quality. But since then they've upgraded it's look to be square-shaped more like the traditional cereal we all know and love. But either way, it's just as tasty!

I will say again, that this cereal is VERY crunchy. They definitely didn't skip-out on the crunch factor, so if you've been missing that on a keto diet then you'll love this! It definitely takes longer than regular cereal to get soggy in the bowl.

The best part is that this Catalina Crunch cereal is good enough that you can even eat this dry as a snack and take it on the go with you! We'll get into the flavours more below, but mint chocolate chip is a super tasty favourite of mine.

Catalina Crunch Cereal Nutrition Facts and Ingredients

If you are curious about the exact nutritional information for Catalina Crunch Cereal, for a 1/2 cup serving it contains roughly 110 calories, 11g Protein, 9g Fiber, 0g Sugar and only 5g Net Carbs per serving. 

Those are some great stats! This cereal is a bit higher in calories if you plan to be eating more than 1/2 a cup but I think it's worth it for the amount of protein and fiber you are getting. Though even half a cup is very, very filling (trust me).  (According to science, crunchy foods actually make you feel more full and satisfied as well!)

As for the ingredients in this cereal. They are awesome as well! Catalina Crunch contains no artificial ingredients. 

These are the exact ingredients shown on their website: Pea Protein, Potato Fiber, Non-GMO Corn Fiber, Chicory Root Fiber, Guar Gum), Tapioca Flour, Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Powder, Baking Powder, Natural Flavors, Sea Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Stevia Extract.

If you are concerned, Potato fiber, corn fiber, chicory root fiber (often use to make inulin) are all resistant starches as I talked about above.

I use them in my own keto baking as well as tapioca flour in small quantities. Stevia Extract is also one of the most natural sweeteners on the market coming from a plant so you can't get much better than this list above!

I also want to mention that this Catalina Crunch cereal is not only vegan and keto friendly, but it's also gluten free, making it a great low carb snack option for my celiac and gluten intolerant friends!

Catalina Crunch Review 2021

The 8 Catalina Crunch flavors are:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Maple Waffle Cereal
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal
  • Cinnamon Toast Cereal
  • Honey Graham Cereal
  • Honey Banana Cereal
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Cereal

..and I'm going to discuss my personal opinions on them below.

But before I do, I want to say that none are bad. They are all tasty and I have nothing super negative to say about any of them. This is just my experience with the different flavours. Feel free to try them for yourself and see which you like best!


They also offer free shipping on all orders.

Now with that out of the way..let's get into the Catalina Crunch Review!

1. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Dark Chocolate Cereal

dark chocolate Catalina crunch review

I feel like this is the Catalina Crunch flavour that most people try first and I've seen the most reviews for. It's got a great dark chocolate flavour as described and pairs really well with any low carb milk. It's not super sweet so don't expect like cocoa pebbles level sweetness or anything..but it's great if you like dark chocolate like me! SHOP NOW>>

2. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Maple Waffle Cereal

Maple Waffle Catalina Crunch Review

This Catalina Crunch cereal tastes just like it sounds. It also smells just like maple syrup. It's definitely sweeter than the chocolate cereal but still not THAT sweet. If you like maple flavoured desserts, you'll like this one for sure. SHOP NOW>>

3. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Fruity Cereal

Fruity Catalina Crunch Review

Tastes like a slightly less sweet version of fruity pebbles! Not really a flavour I'd personally go for but they did it surprisingly well for no artificial ingredients. If you liked fruity pebbles as a kid, you'll probably enjoy this Catalina Crunch flavour. SHOP NOW>>

4. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cereal

Chocolate Peanut Butter Catalina Crunch Review

This one was probably my favourite Catalina Crunch flavours of the bunch. Is it because I used to love Reeses cereal and inhale an entire box whenever possible as a kid? Maybe. Of all the Catalina Crunch Cereal flavours, I'd say this is the one I'd eat most often. It's got a nice not overly sweet flavour (though you can toss some extra sweetener in your milk to get that Reeses flavour*) and it's tasty enough that I'd also bring it as a filling snack on-the-go. SHOP NOW>>

5. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Cinnamon Toast Cereal

Cinnamon Toast Catalina Crunch Cereal Review

I was really curious about this cereal flavour because we all know the classic, sugary, sweet cinnamon toast crunch cereal that many of of grew up eating. Personally I have never been a fan. BUT I know so many people love it, including my younger brother. So I still wanted to give this one a try. To my surprise I actually enjoyed it. Mainly because, like the other Catalina Crunch Cereals, it's still just not that sweet. It has a nice cinnamon flavour but I think if you are hoping for that “sugar-coated” super sweet cinnamon toast flavour, you won't find it here. SHOP NOW>>

6. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Honey Graham Cereal

Honey Graham Catalina Crunch Review

This Catalina Crunch flavour was good but not anything special. I think if you used to enjoy shredded wheat cereal or something more plain than you might like this one. I do think though that this would be a great base with other ingredients mixed in, like low carb fruit, shredded coconut, keto chocolate chips etc. It would also make a great topping for low carb yogurt or keto ice cream! SHOP NOW>>

7. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Chocolate Banana Cereal

Banana Chocolate Catalina Crunch Cereal Review

If you like banana flavoured things (not necessarily real banana flavour) then you will like this cereal. It has a very strong banana flavour. Personally it's not my top pick but it also isn't bad! Like I said, I'd recommend it if you enjoy banana desserts. SHOP NOW>>

8. Catalina Crunch Reviews: Mint Chocolate Chip Cereal

Mint Chocolate Catalina Crunch Review

This Catalina Crunch flavour looks just like the dark chocolate cereal but a hint of mint added. I may be biased because I grew up on mint chocolate chip ice cream but I really like this flavour. I feel like I keep repeating myself but this is also not very sweet so I think you'd have to enjoy dark chocolate and more bitter chocolate to like this flavour. I also found it best served with coconut milk. (Full-fat coconut milk is super good if you have the calories for it…) But this flavour also makes a good sweet-craving snack in a pinch. SHOP NOW>>

And that's it! That is my full honest review of the keto Catalina Crunch Cereal flavors.

Don't forget to use the Subscribe and Save 20% Deal if you plan to order this on more than one occasion. You can purchase in a variety pack, which is nice if you are highly indecisive like me. You also get free shipping on all orders, which is really cool. 

I hope you enjoy this keto cereal as much as I did! Let me know which flavor you liked best in the comments below!

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