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Flackers Seed Crackers | Keto Crackers Review

Flackers Seed Crackers | Keto Crackers Review
Flackers Seed Crackers Honest Review

Flackers Seed Crackers Review 

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I don't know about you guys, but I'm always on the hunt for the latest crunchy, savoury keto chip and cracker snacks.

I love anything I can dip because there's SO many different keto dip recipes out there including french onion dip, guacamole, spinach and artichoke dip, cheese dip, baked brie, 7 layer dip, you name it! 

I came across these Flackers Seed Crackers a little while ago and knew I had to check them out.

So far I have to say, they may be the best alternative to crackers I've found. I'll explain why in this post. 

But first off, here is a brief description from the company itself:

Flackers Seed Crackers make for healthy, delicious, crunchy, convenient, and guilt-free snacking. Flackers are low carb and keto-friendly, gluten-free, paleo, USDA organic, made with minimal ingredients, and made with the superfood flax.”

flackers seed crackers

What are the ingredients in Flackers Seed Crackers?

Organic flax seeds, Organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt. THAT'S IT. Granted, these are the ingredients for the “Sea Salt” flavour, the other flavours all follow suit with minimal ingredients (it's mainly just natural herbs/spices added).flackers keto

What do Flackers taste like?

Flackers are super crunchy and taste kind of similar to sesame seed bars if you've ever had them as a kid (although, without any sweetness). They are made with flax seeds mainly so that's the main flavour profile!

They have a ton of awesome flavour options including:

flackers rosemary crackers

The flavour options make these really compatible with all sorts of different meals. I mix these into salads as “croutons” (rosemary & tomato basil are great for this), I also of course, as I mentioned use these to dip in all kinds of things. The basil sea salt and quinoa flackers are perfect for this because the don't have any other prominent flavour so the lend themselves well to pretty much any topping. 

Speaking of toppings, all of the crackers are also great paired with cheese. Add swiss, gouda, cheddar, havarti, cream cheese… whatever your heart desires! The cinnamon and currant flackers lend themselves particularly well to brie or Boursin cheese.

What is the nutrition breakdown for Flackers Seed Crackers?

  • The standard Sea Salt Flackers Seed Crackers have 160 calories, 12g of fat, 1g NET carbs, 6g protein per serving of ~10 crackers. The crackers are quite filling. 1g of NET carbs makes Flackers crackers very keto friendly!
  • Other flavours like cinnamon and currant will have higher NET carbs per serving (anywhere from 3-6g) so just be aware of that when purchasing other flavours than the original.

flackers nutrition

Flackers - Plant Based. Keto Friendly. All Natural.

Where Can I Buy Flackers Seed Crackers?

  • You can purchase Flackers Seed Crackers through their website for best deals (just click any link in this post to take you there). 
  • You can also purchase some of the Flackers Seed Crackers flavours at Walmart if you are US based, unfortunately Walmart in Canada doesn't carry them yet.
  • You can also purchase some of the Flackers Seed Crackers flavours through Amazon but your best bet for all flavours they sell is through there website. 
  • Their website also offers some deals and promotions if you order from them directly so I prefer to do it that way, especially if you want enough bags to have on hand for a couple weeks at a time!

The Flackers Seed Crackers are sold in packs of 6 bags (each bag contains 5 servings) or single bags as well. 

flackers seed crackers rosemary crackers

Anyways, let me know if you guys give them a shot! These are super versatile and I see myself finding more ways to use them in the future!

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