Hey guys! If you are still following me on this site I just want to start off by saying..THANK YOU for the constant support!

I wanted to update you all that the blog has been officially upgraded and re-started on my new official link:

This site includes:

-Higher quality photos (improving as I get my new camera set-up!)

-A simpler layout

-More visual and easy-to-browse recipe index

-Future posts including how to sub different flours for white flour, protein-baking basics, healthier ingredient replacements etc.

-More concise directions and nutritional info

-BETTER recipes!

If you’d like, give it a follow or at least take a look. The website will be updated constantly along-side my instagram @sammysamgirl

My goal is to grow this new blog into something amazing and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

Signing off with my last post on this site.

Yours truly,





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