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Sugar-free Sweet Sauce Lemon Stir Fry

Sugar-free Sweet Sauce Lemon Stir Fry

This reminds me of the sweet lemon sauce you get served on Chinese takeout lemon chicken! It's so delicious but so bad for you..Well not anymore! This sauce will have you dancing with joy when you find out how healthy it is!

I love chinese food! This sauce & stir fry is really great to make up for not having chinese food anymore..It's simple and quick!


Stir fry:
cooking spray
1/2-1 tsp sesame oil
1/2 tsp dried onion flakes
1 carrot sliced into thin pieces
1 celery stalk sliced into bite size pieces
1/2 cup chopped broccoli
1 chopped green onion(white and green part)
1/4 cup cooked plain chicken or canned chicken(I sprinkled with a little salt/pepper first)
1/2 cup cooked brown rice(1/4 cup uncooked)

-2.5 tbsp lemon juice(Less if you want it less lemony!)
-1/4 tsp ginger
-1 tbsp splenda (or more if you like your sauce even sweeter!)
-1/2 tbsp soya sauce(I used reduced sodium)
-3 tbsp chicken broth
-1/2 tsp cornstarch

Sauce: Whisk together all ingredients, be sure to mix in the cornstarch well. It may settle on the bottom but don't worry. Just give it another quick whisk before adding to your Stir-fry and it should be fine! It's okay if there is a bit stuck in the bowl.

Stir-fry: Make sure all your vegetables/chicken are chopped in advance and your sauce is ready. Heat a pan over medium heat lightly sprayed with cooking spray. Once hot, add the sesame oil and rotate pan to coat. Add the onion flakes and fry for 1 minute. **Keep a cup of water ready incase your pan begins to dry out. You can add a little water whenever needed so that your veggies don't burn!(Since we are cooking with very little oil).** Now add your carrots and cook for 2 minutes then add celery as well and cook for another 4 minutes or so. (You can cook longer depending on your preference for vegetable texture). Then add the broccoli. Keep moving the veggies around with a wooden spoon or spatula to coat in oil. Once vegetables begin to look done or are cooked to your liking, add half of the green onion. After cooking for another minute or so, throw in your chicken and brown rice(If you want, you could choose to leave the brown rice out and just add some soya sauce to it, then serve the veggies and everything on top afterwards) Then add your sauce & additional green onion. Stir everything together to coat nicely. Once heated through, take off the heat and serve! You could also add a few red pepper flakes if you'd like! Enjoy 🙂

Serves 1-2.

Nutrition Facts for whole recipe: 6g fat, 30 carbs, 2g sugar(From vegetables!), 18g protein

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