Keto Cream Cheese Mints (No-Bake)

Keto Cream Cheese Mints

keto cream cheese mintsAh, yes. Another Christmas recipe.

Actually, this one is my first official holiday recipe of December!

A start to what will probably be a flood of incoming recipes..shortbread, candy cane cookies, name it, I’ve probably made it or am about to!

These little Keto Cream Cheese Mints are cute to look at and fun to eat.

They are the perfect sweet treat to get anyone in the holiday spirit!

The Sprinkles

I used regular sprinkles (aka sprinkles with sugar, AH OMG) in my cookies but I only used a few as my family members are not on a keto diet.

You can do the same if you don’t mind a couple of added carbs (It really doesn’t amount to much per mint!)

BUT if you would rather not use traditional sprinkles. Fear not. I have a solution. You can make your own sugar-free sprinkles! Who knew?!

Carolyn over at All Day I Dream About Food has a fantastic recipe that’s easy to follow.

I highly suggest it if you aren’t adding regular sprinkles.

What tools do I need?

  • For this recipe I used my cute kitchen aid hand mixer. (I say cute because it comes in a variety of cool colours and I just-so-happened to get it in the colour red right before I began all of my Christmas / Holiday baking).
  • My trusty food scale that you’ve already probably heard me rave about a million and one times in my recipes. This little buddy is my longest-running kitchen tool and it goes EVERYWHERE with me. If I could choose just one kitchen item to rule them all, it would be this baby.
  • A pretty holiday plate for serving (optional of course, but makes for a great display!)

The Ultimate Low Carb Substitution Guide

Other Ingredients I’d Like To Highlight: 

  • Powdered Monkfruit/Erythritol sweetener – this is a MUST in this recipe. YES, you can use swerve if you’d like but I guarantee you will prefer the taste so much more with a blend of these two sweeteners. Once I tried this combo, I never went back to any other sweetener again. SoNourished has a powdered Monkfruit/Erythritol blend conveniently packaged for you if you’d like to try it out.
  • Granular Monkfruit/Erythritol Sweetener – this is optional but I like it to coat the mints as it gives them that sparkly, glowy coating. I LOVE this blend and use it in many other baked recipes as you’ll see on my site.
  • Pure Peppermint Extract – I highly recommend you use pure peppermint extract for this recipe as using a blend that is not pure typically means it’s also diluted and you have to add a TON more to get the same amount of flavour…which ultimately means watering down your recipe. We don’t want that with these no-bake cookies because they only have a few ingredients binding them together! I use this extract for mine.

*A quick note before we get to the recipe..I’ve re-created this recipe to be keto but the original idea and recipe came from the wonderful Trisha and Charlotte over at “” Thanks ladies for the awesome inspiration! 🙂

Keto Cream Cheese Mints

Serves: ~20 small mints



  1. In a bowl, add your cream cheese and peppermint extract, blend until smooth. (About 30s-1min)

blend cream cheese and peppermint extract

2. Next add your powdered sugar a bit at a time and blending slowly to start then speeding up to avoid throwing sugar everywhere!

cream cheese and peppermint

3. Once all powdered sugar has been added, mix in your sprinkles with a spoon.

cream cheese sprinkle dough

4. The dough should be quite thick kind of like cottage cheese. You can now begin to roll it into ~20 small balls.

5. Add your granular monkfruit/erythritol sweetener and some sprinkles to a shallow dish and roll each ball in the mixture.

6. Place the balls of dough on a plate and refrigerate for 30min.

cream cheese mint balls

7. Remove from fridge and use a fork to press down lightly on the dough to create fork marks. keto cream cheese mints8. Plate and serve! OR my favourite, freeze overnight and serve frozen.

keto cream cheese mintsketo cream cheese mints

You can store them in an airtight container or plastic bag in the freezer!

Enjoy your Keto Cream Cheese Mints!


  • If your dough still seems very sticky when trying to roll balls, add a little more powdered sweetener OR covered your hands lightly in powdered sweetener. You can also refrigerate the dough itself for about 10min before rolling to make the process easier.
  • If you find your dough cracks at the edges when you press down with a fork, you can just gently push the cracks back together, they are quite easily fixed!
  • I highly recommend you make the mints small as they are quite sweet and as the recipe says, they are supposed to be like mints! Don’t make them large like cookies.

Nutrition Facts per 1/20th of recipe (includes traditional sprinkles): 20 calories | 1.7g of fat | 1g of NET carbs | 0.4g protein

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links

keto cream cheese mints

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2 thoughts on “Keto Cream Cheese Mints (No-Bake)

  1. I thought Swerve WAS a blend of erythritol and monkfruit sweetener, and you can get it in powdered form, so I’m confused.

    Although I find it too intense if you have to use a lot of it. Like alcohol sort of. It burns!

    1. It’s actually just erythritol and oligosaccharides so no monkfruit added! I love Monkfruit because it actually cuts that weird aftertaste that swerve can have. Hope that helps!

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