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Pre & Post Workout Snack Ideas


Pre-Workout Snack

Cottage Cheese & strawberries on brown rice cake with splenda sprinkled on top.
Post-workout cookie

Post-Workout Cookie with Almond Butter and a sprinkling of splenda.Post-Workout Snack

Cheese, pickles and veggie crackers! (recommend topping with a drop of mustard each!)

Hey everyone! So lately I have ramped up my workouts and am focussing more on my fitness overall. I thought I would share with you some simple snacks you can eat before/after your workout to really get the most out of it! These are all tasty quick treats you can enjoy.

About an hour or so before and half an hour after your workout is a great time to fuel up with a little snack because we all know how fun it is to workout on an empty stomach! So anyways, in your snack, make sure to include a small amount of healthy fats, protein(more for post-workout), & healthy carbs! Here are some examples:

-1 brown rice cake with cottage cheese and strawberries, sprinkled with a dash of sweetener
-Whole wheat/vegetable Crackers and low-fat cheese with pickles(yes weird combo but try it!)
-Greek yogurt with fruit
-apple with peanut butter
-protein shake(such as my Peanut Butter Cup Protein Shake-check recipe index) -Post-workout
-celery with almond butter/peanut butter & a few raisins or almonds on top
-a slice of whole wheat toast with a little coconut oil & cinnamon
-turkey on whole wheat bread
-tuna with a little olive oil
-a slice of toast with banana, peanut butter and a dash of cinnamon
-cottage cheese blended with frozen fruit, vanilla extract, a little sweetener & a tiny bit of milk (really great, trust me, check out my “Yogen Fruz” post in recipe index)
-a bowl of whole grain cereal in almond milk with cut up fruit
-low-sugar protein bar (such as quest or pure protein)
-vegetables with hummus
-healthy post-workout chocolate-chip cookie & 1 tsp almond butter sprinkled with a little sweetener! (check out my recipe index!) (as seen above)

There are so many choices! Mix it up and try something new everyday 🙂
What is your favourite post/pre-workout snack? Let me know! I'd love to hear your ideas.

Next post coming soon: Healthy Bed-Time Snacks.

Post-Workout Chocolate-Chip Cookie
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