Hey guys! Here is today’s workout. I will be doing it later tonight so I hope you are ready to join me! We are going to push as hard as we can and give it all we got! Work to your own limits. You will feel so much better once you finish if you know you worked as hard as you possibly could. Remember, the effort you put in= the results you’ll achieve! So give it 100% and that’s what you’ll receive. Let’s do this.
3 Rounds, as fast as possible. 4th Bonus round anyone?
Equipment Required: 1 set of middle weight dumbells (1 am using 15 pounds)
10 Dive bombers*
20 Squat Leg lifts**
5 Dumbell preacher curls***
5 Corkscrew curls****
10 Weighted lunge jumps*****(I used 8 pound weights for these)

*Search anywhere on the internet and you are sure to find an example of these! They are a form of push-up where your legs are kept wide, arms close in push-up position, bring your body forward as if you are going under a low fence, then return back under the fence. Repeat!
**Stand and do a regular squat, then after your squat, lift your right leg straight up to the right side of you. Place your leg back down, do another squat and then move on to your left leg. Keep alternating legs. Each leg will be 1 rep.
***Stand with your back straight and legs staggered, dumbells in each hand. Do a basic bicep curl then at the top of the curl, twist your wrists to face away from you and push your arms straight up. Lower your arms back down while twisting back to a bicep curl position, lower your arms to your sides. Repeat!

****Move into a low squat position while holding two dumbells. Place your elbows between your legs using them as support, do a bicep curl. If done properly, you should feel this in your legs and arms.

*****Do alternating lunges with weights in both hands by jumping upwards to switch legs.
Comment below and let me know how you did or what you thought about the workout! Ask questions if you need a better explanation of any of the moves.

Hope this is enough explanation! Also here is a picture of my delicious salad I had for lunch today. I topped it with a tsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar!
Salad cherry tomatoes

Home Sculpted Legs Workout

As promised, here is my second workout, legs! I just wanted to be clear that I PERSONALLY come up with these workouts and use them myself and they work for me. I recently posted an arm workout which I do one day, then do this workout the next. I usually will do some sort of chest/back workout later in the week as well as one complete cardio day and abs!

Home Sculpted Legs Workout
Equipment Needed: Dumbells
Repeat each set x2 for beginner, x3 for advanced

12 weighted squats- (two weights, one each hand, hold up in front of you at shoulder height)
Mountain climbers-20 sec
10 forward lunges-w/weights in each hand
10 backward lunges-w/weights in each hand
30 sec high knees
15 calf raises on stairs (keep your heels over the edge of the step and push up onto your tippy toes, could also do this on a flat surface while holding a weight in one hand)
30 sec wide high knees
10 side winder mountain climbers (in push-up position, jump up to the left, back center, right, back center, repeat)
30 jumping jacks
10 stiff leg deadlifts with dumbells

*For This workout I recommend you take neccessary breaks between exercises if desired! If I want a more cardio based workout, I complete this quickly with light weights. If you want a good strength building workout, do each exercise with good form, heavy weight and take breaks in between each exercise.
*Tip* Remember to choose a weight that is right for your goals (ex. low rep, heavy weight=muscle mass/size, high rep, light weight=light toning, mid range(8-12 reps)=lean muscle mass)