Keto Pull-Apart Bread Rolls

Keto Pull-Apart Bread Rolls

Keto Pull-Apart Bread Rolls

These Keto Pull-Apart Bread Rolls are soft and chewy with a crisp outside. 

They have a delicious rich flavour with hints of Italian spice. 

These rolls are made with yeast, which give them an extra bit of lift. 

They do take a bit longer to bake, but don't be afraid! They are surprisingly easy. It's mainly just being patient as they rise that you'll need to worry about. Continue reading “Keto Pull-Apart Bread Rolls”

Soft Keto Buns

Soft Keto Buns

Soft Keto Buns…I'm not going to lie, when I was trying to decide what to call these, I almost called them English muffins! They reallllly remind me of them if you cut these and half and toast them with some butter and jam (my favourite way to eat them). BUT these also work great as hamburger buns if you make 5 instead of 6 buns and cook them a tad longer. So I had to stick with calling these Soft Keto Buns. As they are soft, and they do look like buns!

soft keto buns Continue reading “Soft Keto Buns”

Keto Goat Cheese Tartlets

Keto Goat Cheese Tartlets

KETO GOAT CHEESE TARTLETSKeto Goat Cheese Tartlets…aka little bites of heaven.

These are DELICIOUS. I'm not just saying this. I ate 3 immediately after baking them and each time I kept saying “WOW”. Friends and family agreed. The pastry for these is perfect. You wouldn't even know it's low carb.

The pastry is flaky, buttery and has a fantastic crunch. When I first came up with this low carb flour combination I think I cheered out loud. I baked it on it's own to test it and when I tasted it I was in SO EXCITED. Like I'm talking, happy dancing around my kitchen, excited.

I had so many failed attempts before this so it really does feel amazing to share this recipe today. Continue reading “Keto Goat Cheese Tartlets”

The Best Keto Croissants

The Best Keto Croissants

Keto Croissants-2
I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for this recipe. I just made, dare I say it..  The Best Keto Croissants.

These are NOT fat head dough. I made them with a flour combination that I've found to work really well in low-carb pastries.

These Keto Croissants are yeast risen and made mainly with, vital wheat gluten, almond flour, coconut flour and oat fiber.

The Best Keto Croissants have beautiful layers, just like real croissants and pull apart exactly how you'd expect. The cold butter and milk is the key to creating these layers along with folding of the dough.

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Keto Cheese Buns

Keto Cheese Buns


Guys, if you are looking for the BEST keto bread and/or keto bun recipe…I think I may have found it.

keto cheese buns

This low carb dough rises beautifully, it's easy to work with and make in the first place.

The balls of dough bake evenly and end with a perfect crusty shell but soft center.

These keto cheese buns are also lighter on the calories then other keto bread recipes due to the lack of almond and coconut flour. Continue reading “Keto Cheese Buns”

Is Vital Wheat Gluten Keto ?

Is Vital Wheat Gluten Keto ?

What is Vital Wheat Gluten? Is Vital Wheat Gluten Keto? Does Vital Wheat Gluten have carbs?

These are the questions I get asked most often when I include Vital Wheat Gluten in any of my recipes labelled “low carb” or “keto”.

I often get comments similar to these:

“It includes wheat, it's not keto”

“Can I replace the vital wheat gluten with something low carb?”

“what's the purpose of vital wheat gluten?”

I've finally decided it's time to put these questions and concerns to rest! Let's get into it.. Continue reading “Is Vital Wheat Gluten Keto ?”

Low Carb Pork Rind Bread

Low Carb Pork Rind Bread


OKAYYYYY. I hope you all are as hyped up as I am for this recipe.

I DON'T EVEN LIKE pork rinds and I'm pumped!

This Low Carb Pork Rind Bread is just everything.

So many possibilities..

It's soft with a slight chew..flavourful, not bland or dry at all.

This recipe was inspired by my last two recipes: The Amazing 8min Low Carb Flat Bread & EASY LOW-CARB FLAT-BREADS (YEAST RISEN!)

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The Best Low Carb Bagels

The Best Low Carb Bagels


keto bagelsthe best low carb bagelsthe best low carb bagels

The Best Low Carb Bagels



These Low Carb Bagels are amazing. Like I cannot contain my excitement.

I have been attempting low carb bread and bagel recipes for AGES AND AGES.

I feel like I've finally cracked the code.

These low carb bagels not only LOOK like real bagels, they also toast up perfectly like real ones!!

I'm actually almost in tears (okay not really) but I've missed bagels so much being on a keto diet and these are such a nice replacement. They also aren't hard to make! Sure anything yeast risen takes a bit of extra effort but these are worth it. Plus the flavour possibilities are endless…

Just a quick note, these bagels are NOT gluten-free but they are low-carb. You can totally eat these on a keto diet if you do not have a gluten allergy. Just as with anything, make sure they fit your daily carb count. (These are 5g of NET carbs each). If you'd like to read more about their main ingredient “Vital Wheat Gluten” then see my article here

Anyways, without further ado, if you are a bagel lover like me but can't justify eating that many carbs daily… these beautiful babies are for you.  Continue reading “The Best Low Carb Bagels”

5 min Keto Biscuit Thins

5 min Keto Biscuit Thins

keto biscuit


Have you ever gotten frustrated because as much as you love the keto way of eating.. you can't help but feel just a little jealous when you see someone eating a delicious sausage breakfast sandwich with that nice buttery biscuit on top..Sure you could just eat the sausage, but what fun is that?  That's no breakfast sandwich.

Personally, I think anyone on a keto diet should not have to feel deprived. That's the ultimate goal of my blog and ALL of the recipes I create. They all are based off treats and meals that I enjoyed before keto and plan to CONTINUE to enjoy but with some minor changes and alterations ;).

So with that said, Continue reading “5 min Keto Biscuit Thins”