Low Carb Banana Coffee Cake

Low Carb Banana Coffee Cake

KETO BANANA COFFEE CAKEThis delicious Low Carb Banana Coffee Cake is just 3.4 NET carbs per slice. 

I personally like to use real bananas in my baking rather than banana extract so I just make sure to use an amount of mashed banana that keeps the total carbs to a minimum. 

Bananas are low GI and the only sugars in this recipe are very minimal and all coming from a natural source. Like any dessert, if you track this into your daily NET carb intake, you can 100% eat this on a ketogenic diet!

This cake worked out great. it's super moist and has an hidden layer of cinnamon and “brown sugar” in the center as well as on top of it. 

I'd honestly be happy to call this breakfast any day! Continue reading “Low Carb Banana Coffee Cake”

The BEST Low Carb Banana Bread

The BEST Low Carb Banana Bread

The BEST Low Carb Banana Bread

I'm not kidding when I say this is the BEST Low Carb Banana Bread I've made..honestly it's better than some traditional banana breads. It's virtually sugar free and delicious!

I have many friends and family members who would agree, haha.

It's super soft and moist with a REAL banana flavour.

I get that people like to pass off low-carb bread with artificial banana flavour added as banana bread but honestly for me that just doesn't cut it.

I get that bananas are not low carb but when used in a large batch of banana bread and subbing a bit of the bananas for extra butter.. I was able to get a bread that tastes like traditional banana bread but is only 6g of NET carbs and 2.5g of sugar per slice!

I'd have to say that's pretty darn good if you ask me! Plus if you are going to get any small amount of sugar from anywhere. Why not get it from something as natural as fruit.

Anyways, long story short, I think this is the best possible version of banana bread that can fit into your low carb lifestyle. Continue reading “The BEST Low Carb Banana Bread”