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The 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women


The 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women



What you'll receive in the Keto 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women..

    • Keto 28-Day Meal Plan
    • 50+ Delicious Keto Friendly Recipes
    • Nutritional Breakdown For Each Meal
    • Grocery List For Each Week
    • Keto Supplement Guide
    • Mini At Home Workout Guide
    • Eating Out Guide
    • Weight Loss Tracking Sheets
    • Calendar To Check Off Each Successful Day
    • Constant Online Support


Why a Ketogenic Diet?

  • Your hunger levels decrease noticeably the longer you are on the diet due to a balancing of your insulin levels and less radical spikes. This makes the diet easier to follow even when the total caloric intake is lower.
  • You will crave less. If you constantly felt the need to eat sugary/high carb foods before you will notice those cravings begin to diminish as you detox your body from sugar.
  • You'll have more consistent energy throughout the day. You'll no longer get those “sleepy crashes” after heavy carb meals or in the early afternoon because fats and protein give off a slow release form of energy and don't rapidly increase your insulin levels then cause them to just as rapidly drop-off as carbohydrates. would.
  • You'll feel happier. Most people on a ketogenic diet report experiencing a better mood throughout the day. This positivity is due in-part by the levelling out of your insulin levels. You'll also feel happier in general knowing you are doing your body good!
  • You may notice improved focus. Many on a ketogenic diet note that their productivity at work increase and they can work longer with fewer breaks in-between.
  • You'll feel much less “bloated” after meals and digestive issues will improve. Carbohydrates cause our body to hold onto water. When we aren't consuming many of them, our body tends to release all of this stored water causing us to look leaner almost immediately. Carbohydrates also can cause inflammation in the body. When removing them it can improve many common digestive issues including, conspitation, IBS, crohns & more.
  • Biomarkers may improve. Often your bloodwork may come back with more promising results as a ketogenic diet actually AIDS in things such as lowering bad cholesterol levels(LDL) and improving the “good cholesterol levels” (HDL). It may also help lower high triglyceride levels.

Who Is This Weight Loss Challenge For?

  • Great question! This meal plan is designed specifically for women. The daily calorie intake is a bit low for men so we do not recommend they follow this diet unless they plan on doubling up on some of the portions!
  • This diet is also great for women with PCOS, women who are diabetics, those who are gluten intolerant and/or sensitive to carbohydrates and sugars in general.

**Please note as a disclaimer, I am NOT a doctor. This weight loss challenge is based off of my own experience with the ketogenic diet, my background in nutrition (BSc in Foods and Nutrition, Pn1 Certification) and years of research.**



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