Low-Fat Dill Veggie Dip

Low-Fat Dill Vegetable Dip 2

Lately I have been eating hummus like a mad women. Everyday when I get home from school I eat what seems like an endless amount of carrots and cauliflower with my spicy chipotle hummus. I swear, you'd better not come near me when I am eating my hummus because I WON'T share. I love that stuff. But..what happens when I run out of hummus half-way through the week and am frantically searching for a substitute?! Yup, I had to make this dill dip. Did I mention dill is one of my favourite seasonings? I love love dill pickle popcorn and dill pickle egg whites (yes I love dill pickle egg whites, call me weird). So what better way to have dill then in a delicious veggie dip. It tastes almost like sour-cream and onion dip! It is very low-fat and takes only seconds and a few simple ingredients to make. Take me to the recipe!

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Stuffed Avocado Snack

Stuffed Avocado Snack

Stuffed Avacado 2 Stuffed Avacado

This is a great way to use up a leftover half of Avocado. Just mix up  this simple tuna salad recipe, scoop out the pit of the avocado, stuff and your good to go! Plus it's very filling 🙂

Ingredients(Makes 2 Halves):

1 large Avocado


1/2 a can of tuna(could sub with canned chicken)

1/4 of a tomato chopped

1 dill pickle chopepd

1 piece of celery finely chopped

optional: cucumbers chopped

1 green onion chopped

1 tbsp fat-free mayo

1/4 tsp garlic powder

salt & pepper to taste(more pepper than salt)

1/4-1/2 tsp dried dill


Directions: Combine all stuffing ingredients in a small bowl. Scoop mixture into each avocado half and serve with a spoon. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts per half: 11.5g fat(healthy fats!), 5g carbs, 6g protein


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