Keto Marble Cupcakes

Keto Marble Cupcakes

keto marble cupcakesI have always been obsessed with baked goods that are two-toned or marbled. I just think it makes them that much more interesting and fun to eat!

That's why for these Keto Marble Cupcakes, not only are the cupcakes themselves marbled with chocolate and vanilla batter, the topping is also a mix of rich sugar free chocolate frosting enhanced with espresso powder and a delicious classic vanilla frosting that's of course, also sugar free. 

These cupcakes are super tasty and have even been kid approved! (That's when you know they're good).

The base is super moist and fluffy and the topping is just the right amount of sweet without being too over the top. A perfect cupcake for both chocolate and vanilla lovers alike. Continue reading “Keto Marble Cupcakes”

Keto Cappuccino Cupcakes

Keto Cappuccino Cupcakes

Keto Cappuccino Cupcakes…now you can have your coffee and eat it too..or something like that. 

These combine two of my favourite things…COFFEE and DESSERT. A fluffy chocolate and coffee cupcake topped with a rich coffee flavoured frosting..Delicious. 

These remind me a lot of Duncan Heinz chocolate cupcakes (which I used to love) although I never loved the traditional frosting you could also buy. I found it insanely sweet without much else to offer.

sugar free chocolate cupcakes

That's why I designed this frosting to be full of flavour. It's a combination of cream cheese, butter, coffee and melted chocolate…sounds good right? Well it's insanely good. 

As in, I may have licked the bowl one too many times while making these…

Keto Cappuccino Cupcakes are where it's at. Continue reading “Keto Cappuccino Cupcakes”