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Mouthwatering Motivation Keto Bread & Pastry Flour

Mouthwatering Motivation Keto Bread & Pastry Flour


Keto Friendly and just 3g Net Carbs per 1/4 cup. Simply replace 1 cup white flour with 1 cup (110g) of Keto Bread and Pastry Flour. Get ready to change your keto baking forever (I'm not kidding). No more missing out on your favourite baked goods. This flour does it all. Scroll Down To Learn More. **READ ALLERGY INFO BEFORE BUYING**



Shipping and Package Quantity Discounts 

  • $5.98 OFF When you purchase 2 packs.
  • $16.94 OFF + FREE Shipping when you purchase 4 packs.
  • *Free Mini Recipe Ebook Guide with every purchase.


Some Recipes That Use Keto Bread & Pastry Flour
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*(You'll receive this mini ebook guide by email when your flour has shipped so please be sure to keep an eye on your email and check your junk mail folder!)*

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MouthwateringMotivation Keto Bread and Pastry Flour can be used to make many different keto breads, buns and pizza crusts as well as all kinds of pastries including; croissants, danishes, turnovers, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, pie crusts, cookies and more! These desserts will have the texture and flavour of the REAL THING. Croissants will be flaky, light and buttery, cinnamon rolls will be soft and pillowy, cookies will be crisp and chewy, and muffins will be light and fluffy. As they should be!

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Eat The Foods You Love Again: I know what it's like to be on a diet and feel like you're missing out on all of your old favourites. Croissants were my weakness and one of the reasons I created this flour. Now I get to eat them everyday and still stick to my diet. Whether it's pizza, pie, cookies, cinnamon rolls or grandma's famous strawberry turnovers that you've been dreaming of.. this flour has you covered. Don't ever feel like you have to miss out. A ketogenic diet can become a sustainable lifestyle and that's what I hope my Keto Bread and Pastry Flour can accomplish for you.

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“Just like the real thing”:  You will notice a huge difference in your baking using this Keto Bread and Pastry Flour when compared to other keto mixes and recipes using almond flour and coconut flour alone. This flour is designed to act like white flour in baking. It provides the lightness, chewiness, fluffiness and “rise” in your desserts that may be lacking other-wise.

Easy To Use:  Keto Bread and Pastry Flour makes keto baking easy. Instead of purchasing 12 different keto ingredients to make a one keto bread or pastry recipe, you can simply use this flour! It takes away the doubt that you may end up with a deflated, gloopy, dessert mess in the end.

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High Protein: Keto Bread and Pastry Flour is very high in protein with 11g per 1/4 cup. Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass during weight loss. It also makes the flour very filling when compared to traditional flours, leaving you feeling full hours after consuming it!

High Fiber: Another factor that makes this flour so essential to weight loss is its high fiber content. Fiber keeps you full. It's also helpful to your gut! Almost all the carbohydrates in this flour come from fiber making it low glycemic.

Great For The Whole Family: This flour is not only meant for those on a ketogenic diet. It's also fantastic for family members and friends looking to cut down on white bread, lower their calorie consumption, consume more protein to gain muscle mass, eat more fiber or just to improve their overall health! 

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The Keto Bread & Pastry Flour Story: Hi, I'm Sam. I'm a 25 year old nutrition grad turned keto baker. This is not a company mass producing this flour. It's just me in a small kitchen with one giant mixing bowl and a passion for baking. I make, package and ship each mix to order myself and test new recipes with it daily. My prices may seem higher than other leading brands as I ship on my own from Canada. But I believe I offer great value. Each mix can be used in a large variety of recipes (as you'll read below). Each mix also contains 1.5lbs of flour (Just over 6 cups), which is a much larger size than you'd receive when purchasing other popular brands. I made it this way because I got frustrated when I'd have to buy 3-4 bags of other mixes to receive the same quantity. You also receive a mini recipe ebook as well as helpful baking tips when you purchase your flour to help you get started. On top of that, I will be releasing new recipes on this website utilizing this flour weekly.

I have baked keto for over 9 years now and I bake daily. I know the in's and outs of every ingredient and recipe and I know the frustrations many of us face…deflated gummy breads, crumbly cookies, flat muffins that don't rise, grainy cakes.. I've been there and I understand! This flour is designed to solve every one of those problems.

I see and appreciate each sale. Seriously..I can't tell you how much each one means to me. This keto flour has been a 3 year on-going project. I've tried every combination of low carb ingredients to finally get to the Keto Bread and Pastry Flour you see today. It's something I'm very proud of and I can't wait for you to try it. If you have any questions, whether it's getting help with a recipe, a question about the flour itself..etc, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at: 

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Additional information

Weight 0.760 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 cm
Keto Flour

Keto Flour (1.5LB) – 1 Pack, Keto Flour (1.5LB) – 2 Pack ($5.98 OFF), Keto Flour (1.5LB) – 4 Pack ($16.94 OFF) + FREE shipping, SAMPLE SIZE – 320g

16 reviews for Mouthwatering Motivation Keto Bread & Pastry Flour

  1. Laura

    5 stars
    Great idea for those of us who bake often. I like this way better than other low carb mixes I’ve tried.

  2. Claudia

    5 stars
    Love it!! I made pizza crust my my family and they said it tasted like the real thing. I am going to try the bread next. Thank you for this.

  3. Kieran

    5 stars
    I bought this to make bread with and I can say it works well. It is soft and has a nice crust. My family is so excited to be able to eat bread again. We’ve made sandwiches for lunch and french toast for breakfast. My kids even like it. I like to use a smaller 5.5 inch loaf pan. This way I get about 5 loaves of bread out of 1 bag. A bit pricey but definitely worth the cost.

  4. Riley Le

    5 stars
    SO GOOD!! I wish this was available when I first started keto, I would have actually stuck to it the first time around. Lol.

  5. Kenneth W.

    5 stars
    I liked this better than other keto bread mixes I’ve tried. I liked Sam’s other recipes so I thought it would be good. Did not disappoint. Family devoured the buns I made with this. Will be trying the bread recipe with the rest of the flour.

  6. Angie L

    4 stars
    I took one star off for price. But overall, I’m really happy with the flour. I made cinnamon rolls for my brother’s birthday and he didn’t even realize they were keto. I’d probably buy it again but buy the 4 pack to save on cost.

  7. James

    5 stars
    I made pizzaaa! Woooo. I wish I could post a photo. I missed pizza sooo much. I was using the fat head dough recipe but it was never exactly like the real thing. This was a game changer. It actually has the texture of real pizza crust. I add parmesan and italian spices to the dough. If you miss pizza, try this.

  8. Audra

    5 stars
    Just received my flour and tried the sweet bun recipe today. I must say I am impressed. They almost remind me of a cornbread my Mom used to make. I’m planning to make more tomorrow to bring to a friend’s house. I think these would do well with some cheese added too.

  9. Carly

    5 stars
    keto bread mix review

    Delicious bread with or without spread. My new staple.

  10. Lynn

    5 stars
    Flour came pretty quick. (I’m in Canada) and omg best muffins ever. These were the first keto muffins I made that weren’t really dense. I like that they are really filling to. Could eat one as a breakfast.

  11. Lauren

    5 stars
    If you don’t like the taste of almond flour, I would suggest trying this. It bakes a lot more like regular flour and you don’t get any weird texture.

  12. Carol

    5 stars
    This is so awesome Sam. Really great product for those of us who don’t know a lot about keto cooking and baking. Can’t wait for more of your recipes that use it.

  13. Pam

    I bought Sam’s, Mouthwatering Motivation’s, Keto Bread & Pastry Flour. Once purchased, I received a few recipes by email. One of those was regular sandwich bread. Although the recipe involved a lot of steps – you had to knead and let the dough rise a couple of time – it was well worth it. This was the BEST bread I’ve had since on Keto. Everyone in our family LOVED the bread. It was all eaten up within 3 days. I immediately purchased 2 more bags of the Flour.
    I, and my entire family, highly recommend using this Flour to make bread or any other pastry desired. It is the best Flour out there – you will not be disappointed in your purchase or use of it.

  14. Sundra

    5 stars
    I LOVE this just for the flatbread recipe. I’ve been using it to make pita sandwiches. Just add some tzatziki sauce, cucumber, onion, steak, a bit of cheese. So yummy!

  15. Jacci

    5 stars
    This is an excellent low-carb flour option for baking. Great recipes and am excited for more to come out. The flatbreads made a quick and easy side dish – chewy but light texture. I did experiment with the flour as a crust for a cheesecake. It did turn out a bit doughy, not flakey and buttery. But I made both the pizza and cookies recipes and they were excellent.

  16. Beth

    5 stars
    Sam, an endless thank you for developing and making this flour available. While I truly enjoy countless recipes made with almond and coconut flour, your pastry flour has made all things possible in keto,
    This week I have made your (perfect!) glazed donut recipe and used your flour to “ketofy” a few traditional recipes such as lemon cake, simple puff pastry and homemade pasta. Heaven! Your croissants are also incomparably delicious!

    My next experiment will be homemade phyllo for spanokopita and baklava. You have brought joy to my kitchen and family!
    I truly wish you continuing and expanding success. Your product is a great blessing for the world, as we learn more abut metabolic disease and reducing carb consumption.

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