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keto fried cinnamon sugar donuts recipe
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The Best Keto Fried Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Just like the fried donuts you get at the fair!
Prep Time30 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time40 mins
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Keyword: keto cinnamon sugar donuts, Keto Donuts, keto fried donuts, low carb donuts
Servings: 15 mini cinnamon sugar donuts and donut holes
Calories: 124kcal



Cinnamon "Sugar" Topping


  • Add your oil to a Wok or another deep frying pan and turn your burner on to medium heat to begin heating your oil.
  • In a bowl, whisk together the almond flour, powdered monkfruit/erythritol sweetener, baking powder, xanthan gum, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt, set aside.
  • In another larger microwavable bowl, add the shredded mozzarella and microwave in 30s increments, stirring in between until melted (mine usually takes ~1min total).
  • Using a spoon, mix the melted mozzarella with your whisked egg. You can also add your dry ingredients at this time.
  • Mix everything until a dough starts to form. Do your best to knead it together with the spoon. Once it's not overly sticky, knead it well with your hands to help the mozzarella blend in with the other ingredients. (If you are having issues with this part, please see the tips section of this post!)
  • You'll want to knead the dough until it no longer sticks all over your hands and it can form a nice ball shape.
  • Place the dough ball between two sheets of greased parchment paper and roll it out to about 1/2 inch thick.
  • Use a greased cup and another smaller object to cut donuts and donut holes out of the dough. (If you have round cutters or mini donut cutters then use those!)
  • Re-roll the scraps of your dough to make more donuts. Repeat the process until you've used up all of the dough.
  • Take the temperature of your oil and make sure it's in the range of 340-370*F. (I found right around 350*F was the sweet spot!) If you don't have a thermometer, take a donut hole and use it to test the oil. It should start to bubble and sizzle almost immediately and should be golden brown on one side after ~1 min.
  • Next start dropping donuts! I recommend doing 5-6 at a time so you don't overcrowd your pan.
  • Fry the donuts for about 1-2min per side or until a dark golden brown colour, flip and repeat for the other side (these donuts are quite forgiving so if you are worried they will be under-cooked, fry them for 30s longer).
  • Place the finished donuts on paper towel to take off some of the excess oil, then mix together your cinnamon and sweetener in a bowl and immediately toss the donuts in the mixture to coat. Set the coated donuts on a plate to cool. Repeat with the rest of the donuts and donut holes.
  • Serve warm and enjoy The Best Fried Keto Cinnamon Sugar Donuts! (These are great re-heated later for a quick snack!)


Tips For Making The Best Keto Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

  • If you can't get your dough to come together and find the mozzarella is separating, microwave the dough for 10-15s, knead it well with your hand, add another tablespoon of almond flour if it's still not coming together. Repeat this process until it does come together. (Do not microwave for more than 10-15s at a time or you may end up cooking your dough. 
  • When choosing your mozzarella for this recipe, pay attention to the moisture content. A higher moisture content means you'll need more almond flour, a lower moisture content means you'll need to add less almond flour to get your dough to form correctly. This isn't a big deal, it just means starting with less almond flour and adding a tablespoon or two more, as needed to get your dough to come together. 
  • DO NOT use pre-shredded or the traditional fresh mozzarella you can buy. Only use block mozzarella for this recipe or it will not work.
  • The mozzarella I used for this recipe had a higher moisture content than others I typically use so 1 cup of almond flour is on the higher side already. Be sure to start with 3oz or 85g (~3/4 cup) and work your way up. 
  • When frying your donuts, it's best to use a thermometer to make sure the oil is between 340-370*F, this range results in the best texture and fully cooked donuts after cooking for about 1min 30s per side. 
  • I made mini donuts for this recipe. You can make larger ones, just be sure to adjust your frying time as they will take longer. You may want to cook them at a slightly lower temperature to make sure they full cook through in the center (330-340*F).
  • If you don’t have xanthan gum it’s TOTALLY okay, you can still make these! I just add it because I feel it improves the texture of the dough just slightly.
  • Store these fried keto donuts in an airtight container between layers of parchment or wax paper on the counter for up to 2 days or freeze in a container or ziplock bag and re-heat for 20s in the microwave when your craving something sweet! 

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Serving: 1donut | Fiber: 0.8g | Calories: 124kcal | Fat: 10.6g | Protein: 4.3g | Carbohydrates: 0.8g