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Keto Fudgesicle Squares recipe
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Keto Fudgesicle Squares

The perfect cold treat on a hot summer day! Keto Fudgesicle Squares are easy to make and even kid approved!
Prep Time10 mins
Refrigeration and Freezing Time6 hrs
Total Time6 hrs 10 mins
Course: Dessert
Keyword: fudge, fudgesicle, popsicle
Servings: 24 fudgesicle squares
Calories: 57kcal



  • In a large bowl, add your gelatin and cream. Give it a quick whisk with a fork and set it aside.
  • In a microwavable bowl, melt your chocolate chips with the 1 tbsp of coconut oil in 30s increments, stirring in-between until smooth.
  • Add the warm chocolate to the gelatin and heavy cream mixture (it will have set a bit by now, that's okay), also add your powdered sweetener, salt and vanilla extract. Mix until a thick chocolate batter begins to form.
  • Finally, pour your boiling water in and gently whisk everything until it becomes smooth (be careful not to fling any hot liquid up towards yourself!).
  • Pour the liquid mixture into a baking dish lightly greased with butter. (I used a 9x12 inch baking dish but you can use an 8x8 inch pan for thicker squares if you want). Alternatively you can try putting  this in mini muffin cups or an ice-cube tray.
  • Refrigerate the mixture until set (~2 hours). Then cut lines in the fudge to separate it into squares. BUT don't actually try to lift the squares out. Instead place in back in the freezer this time overnight or for 4-5 hours.
  • Now you should be able to pop the squares out with a butter knife. If you find it difficult, try letting them sit on your counter for 5-10min and try again. Enjoy your Keto Fudgesicle Squares!
  • Store these in an airtight container between layers of parchment paper in the freezer or fridge for a softer texture. You can also place them in a ziplock bag to save freezer space.


  • My chocolate chips are 2g NET carbs per tablespoon. If you use chocolate chips that are 4g NET carbs per tablespoon your NET carbs per square will be: ~2.8g NET carbs
  • When you add the gelatin to the heavy cream it will likely begin to harden..DON'T WORRY! It will become smooth again when you add the boiling water.
  • I haven't tried these as popsicles yet as I don't own a mould but I think they could definitely work!
  • For this recipe you definitely want to use a powdered sweetener. If you use a granular one you will end up with a crunchy texture to your fudgesicle squares.


Serving: 1square | Calories: 57kcal | Carbohydrates: 1.4g | Protein: 1.3g | Fat: 5.2g | Fiber: 3.3g