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soft keto buns
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Soft Keto Buns

Prep Time35 mins
Cook Time30 mins
Rising Time1 hr 40 mins
Keyword: bread
Servings: 6 dinner rolls or 5 hamburger buns
Calories: 162kcal



  • In a bowl, whisk together all of your dry ingredients including the yeast EXCEPT FOR SALT.
  • Next add your warm milk, stir the dough together (it will seem quite wet still) and begin kneading the dough. Add your salt during this time as well.
  • You can start by kneading the dough with a spatula as it will be super sticky at first. (See the video below)
  • Continue to knead it on a counter or in the bowl for 15min or more, scraping the sides with the spatula as needed and eventually using your hands to knead (it will be a little messy at first). Add your butter about halfway through and knead it into the dough. Watch this video for a great example of how to knead stickier dough: Kneading Bread Dough In Real Time. (Just note that ours is low carb dough and tends to take a bit more kneading)
  • Refrain from adding another tablespoon of vital wheat gluten unless you absolutely have to! The dough will stick to your hands at first but eventually it will become less and less sticky as you knead it. Yes this does take a while but I promise it's worth it. (Alternatively you can double this recipe and make it in a stand mixer if you'd prefer).
  • After the dough is no longer super sticky and you can form it into a ball that holds together, you can transfer it to an oiled bowl and cover it to let it rise somewhere warm for an hour or until doubled in size (place it in an oven or microwave that is still a little warm or near a gas fireplace that's just been shut off). (Before letting it rise, your dough should stretch a bit when pulled apart and you should be able to see the gluten strands).
  • After your dough has risen, break the dough into 6 equal size pieces and roll them into balls using your hand and moving the pieces of dough in circles on a flat surface.
  • Place the balls into a shallow dish allowing for enough space between each roll for them to rise further, then cover them and place them somewhere warm again to rise for another 30-40min or until just about doubled in size.
  • At the 20-30min mark, pre-heat your oven to 350*F. Sprinkle a bit of coconut flour on top of the rolls then bake them for 25-35min or until they are a light golden colour / spring back when poked and the insides are cooked through (I usually sacrifice a roll and tear it slightly open to check).
  • Serve warm with butter and jam OR slice in half and toast for an english muffin style texture. These also make great burger buns if you make 5 slightly larger rolls instead of 6! Enjoy your Soft Keto Buns!


  • Make sure these are fully baked before removing them from the oven. My oven bakes slow and it took ~30min for them to cook through in the center. 
  • When kneading your dough, watch my recommended videos for help on how to do it. It's tempting to add more flour but DO NOT DO IT unless absolutely necessary. If after kneading for 10min your dough is still extremely sticky, you can add 1 extra tablespoon of vital wheat gluten.
  • You can knead your dough in a bowl or on a flat surface. I personally would recommend a large bowl just because then you don't have to worry about flouring a surface and potentially adding too much flour into your dough. If you do knead it on the counter, be sure to flour the surface with just a tiny bit of flour and use a spatula to scrape up the scraps of dough stuck to the counter when necessary. 
  • You can make these in the form of 6 small rolls or 5 larger rolls. I recommend 6 if you'd like to eat them on their own and/or slice them and toast them like English muffins and 5 if you want larger buns the right size for a typical hamburger. (Just be sure to adjust your baking time by adding a few minutes for larger buns)
  • In this recipe you see we add the salt and butter later on. This is because salt can kill the yeast if they touch directly and the butter is better added later on because it allows time for the gluten strands to be formed without the butter interfering and softening the strands.


Calories: 162kcal | Carbohydrates: 3.1g | Protein: 10.3g | Fat: 11.2g | Fiber: 3.2g