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keto 28 day weight loss challenge for women


If you're wondering why you've been hearing so much about the ketogenic diet, it's because it works!

A ketogenic diet is not magic, but it's pretty darn close. 

So why is a ketogenic diet so much better than your average weight loss diet? Here's a couple of reasons:

Who Is This Weight Loss Challenge For?

Great question! This meal plan is designed specifically for women. The daily calorie intake is a bit low for men so we do not recommend they follow this diet unless they plan on doubling up on some of the portions!

This diet is also great for women with PCOS, women who are diabetics, those who are gluten intolerant and/or sensitive to carbohydrates and sugars in general.

**Please note as a disclaimer, I am NOT a doctor. This weight loss challenge is based off of my own experience with the ketogenic diet, my background in nutrition (BSc in Foods and Nutrition, Pn1 Certification) and years of research.**

See What Other Women Thought About The Keto 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge

women 28 day weight loss challenge

Carrie rackler


This was pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Like many of us, I was so lost going from diet to diet and NOTHING stuck. It was always an uphill battle. But this challenge was really well layed out and I actually stuck with it way better than I expected. It's motivated me to want to continue keto long-term. Even my kids will eat some of the recipes! 12.5 lbs down and counting!


I've been on ketogenic diet before but wasn't able to maintain it for more than a couple weeks because I'd get these constant on-going headaches. I realize now that it's because I wasn't supplementing properly and was consuming a few too many extra carbs.... This weight loss plan was a nice intro to get me into a solid state of ketosis. Now I feel like I can continue it pretty easily on my own.

keto 28 day weight loss challenge testimonial

Aliyah wiLLIAMS

keto 28 day meal plan for women

Cheryl harvy


I wasn't expecting a lot, just another gimmicky weight loss plan as most I've bought online have been. But Sam actually provides a lot of helpful info in this challenge. The eating out guide was nice because I'm not always at home to make my meals due to my job. The supplement guide was also good. I expected to have to take lots of unnecessary pills but it's actually simple and to the point. I have felt less hungry this month then I ever have while dieting!! I am pretty impressed. I've lost 10 pounds so far!! I'm even starting a second round of this challenge next month.

before after keto diet weightloss

And here are my personal results as the person behind this plan! 

The keto diet truly changed my life in more ways than you can imagine.

Watch the video at the top of this post to learn more about this Keto Weight Loss Challenge For Women and the changes I personally noticed after starting a ketogenic diet. 

keto 28 day weight loss challenge for women

The Meal Plan

You no longer have to figure out what meals to eat each day or how much of each you should each or if you are getting enough protein or fat or too many carbohydrates.. we've done the work for you.

All you have to do is prepare the quick and easy meals in this e-book and watch the pounds melt away!

What's inside?

Recipe Examples

keto supplement guide

The Supplement Guide

Tried keto before but experienced headaches, lethargy, and even nausea?

These are all symptoms of the keto flu!

All of these symptoms can easily be solved by following proper electrolyte supplementation, which we discuss in the supplement guide that you'll receive along with the 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge.

What's inside?

keto eating out guide

The Eating Out Guide

We can't always eat on plan, and that's okay! Sometimes life happens.

That's why this 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge also includes an eating out guide. Perfect for guilt-free eating in a hurry.

What's inside?

keto workout guide

The Mini Workout Guide

No gym, no problem!

This mini workout guide has got your back.

There are 7 different bodyweight workouts you can do at home without ANY equipment.

Repeat this workout schedule each week to see an extra boost in your weight loss!

OR don't do it, it's entirely up to you. Either way we KNOW you WILL lose weight following this meal plan. Diet is always the most important when it comes to fat loss and as we always hear...abs are made in the KITCHEN!

The exercise is simply supplemental.

What's inside?

Bonus Items!

Track your progress with these bonus tracking sheets! Take daily measurements and weigh-ins then calculate your average at the end of the week. Check-off each completed day on the included 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge Calendar!

keto weight loss tracker


keto coach samWhen you join the Keto 28-Day Weight Loss Challenge For Women you aren't just given a plan then left to your own devices. I want to see you be successful! 

For this reason, you will be able to contact me on a regular basis via the contact form on this website or by e-mail ( for support or to ask me any questions you have regarding your meal plan! 

NEW! – We've also just created a group for new members called the “KETO 28-DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE FOR WOMEN” on Facebook! Don't forget to send a request once you've purchased your challenge package to be added to the group so you can interact with other members. You can also contact me through Facebook as well!

keto 28 day weight loss challenge

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