Clean Eating, Meals for today…

Dinner Burrito Avocado
dinner burrito 2

Another late night! Lots of homework today ๐Ÿ™ but I still wanted to get a post in. Today my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack were similar to yesterday’s so I didn’t get any photos but I did take a picture of my amazing dinner..One of my favourite meals! Burritos! I used a super yummy elzekiel wrap with extra lean ground beef(with taco seasoning), avocado, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, 0% plain greek yogurt and lime juice, green onion, cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes for topping! (I like things spicy!). It was so, so good!

pre-workout fruit and almonds

For a pre-workout snack I had another fruit bowl with almonds.

Post Workout Bed time snack

And..for my post-workout snack…the usual cottage cheese and natural peanut butter on the side haha. I always talk about this but I never post a picture so I figured why not. It’s not exciting but as you can tell I eat quite a bit after my workout!

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