Dinner Tonight & Healthy Alternative to Soda Crackers in Soup

Pea Veggie SOup best

pea soup spoon

For dinner tonight I had my all time favourite fast meal. Vegetable Pea Soup! I actually love pea soup because it is very hardy and filling, it’s also loaded with good things like fibre and protein! I buy the “Habitat” brand and the new “vegetable pea soup” now has no artificial ingredients! The ingredients are very simple and short so I know I am eating whole food :). Now, another important part of soup is the crackers! Who wants to eat soup without crackers? The crackers just add that delicious thickness we all know and love. Well, no worries, my quick healthy substitution is one piece of light toasted rye bread! I spray it with a little butter spray and crumble/dip it in my soup and mix it up. As the bread softens, it creates the perfect thickness of soup! It makes it creamy and delicious. I highly recommend you try this as it adds volume to the soup. So anyways, let me know what you think and report back if you try it out! Happy eating :)!

What’s your favourite kind of soup?

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