5 Simple Tips That Will Keep You In Shape!

5 Simple Tips to Keep You In Shape!

Tip #1:-Low-fat isn’t always healthy! When companies lower the fat in food or completely take it out they usually replace it with  loads of sugar! For instance, greek yogurt is super healthy when eaten plain but of course no one likes it so they choose the flavoured kinds thinking it’s healthy..Nope, a small container may have 14g of sugar! Not good! So choose plain 0% greek yogurt and add your own flavours by blending with real fruit, thawing frozen fruit and placing on top or by mixing in any flavoured extract you enjoy with a little splenda or stevia! Yum! 🙂

Tip #2:-Fruit is good but eat in moderation if you are looking to show off muscle! Fruit contains lots of sugar as we all know but it’s good sugar so it doesn’t matter right?? Well, yes and no. In moderation this sugar is great! But if you have to much is can give you that “skinny fat” look. It’s not a bad look and some females may actually prefer it! But if you are looking to get toned, this may be what is preventing those muscles from showing clearly. They may be blurred by a thin layer of fat. So by limiting fruit to 1-2 servings per day you can still get all the nutrients without over doing it! *The best time to eat fruit is early in the morning for breakfast when your body has been fasting all night or just before/just after a workout to replenish your muscles! *Some of the best fruits to eat are bananas, apples, strawberries, blueberries & blackberries! *Also note that dry fruit is loaded with sugar!*

Tip #3-Carbs Carbs Carbs! This is all we hear about these days! Well I am going to put it to rest. CARBS ARE NOT BAD FOR YOU. Don’t ever do those crazy low-carb diets! Carbs are your bodies main source of energy! Most bodybuilders need more carbs then the average person, especially before or after a hard workout! I recommend going for about 1.6 x your bodyweight in carbs a day if you are on a strict regimen but that is on the lower end and most active people will need about 2x their bodyweight in carbs a day. Of course, these carbs should come from things like whole wheat breads, vegetables, fruits, brown rice, oatmeal etc. None of those white foods! So go ahead and eat your bread! Just pick the right kinds!

Tip #4-Just going to the gym and working out will NOT make you a muscle man/women. (Okay, this may not be a tip but it’s something people need to realize!). I have not been to a gym a day in my life and I am more fit then a lot of people my age. Don’t stress about not having a membership like everyone else! Body weight workouts are some of the best ways to build up your strength! The best part? No additional equipment required! So anyways..Did you know that 80% of your physical weight and appearance is based on diet & only 20% is exercise? YES it’s true! So for all you guys out there who are looking to get “Buff”, I’m sorry to say but you better start lifting a fork and knife because the kitchen is where it happens! When you eat good foods, you look good. Simple as that.

Tip #5-One missed week of workouts or bad eating is not going to kill you! This is what bother’s me the most. People will eat clean and healthy and be doing an awesome job! But then one day they give in and eat that brownie someone offered them or grab a burger because they were late getting to work and forgot a lunch. Then from there they feel awful and let that one little thing get the better of them! Even after they have accomplished so much! So then they go back to their old eating habits because they become depressed. Any of you people who are saying “Ya that’s me..” right now, well listen to this..JUST FORGET IT & MOVE ON!(I apologize for the harshness!) Don’t let it get the better of you! For me personally this was the biggest obstacle to conquer but when I did it felt like my struggle to eat healthy was over. This is because as I always say, eating healthy is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. So once and a while, like everything in life you are aloud to mess up and make mistakes. In the long run, that one little set back is going to make no difference on you. I have days where I go out to dinner and stuff myself! Then later when I begin to get that guilty feeling, I just say, ah, tomorrow’s another  day and I go from there. 🙂 So simple yet so difficult. Just try it out and you’ll see this concept can make a huge difference!

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Tips That Will Keep You In Shape!

  1. Rule 2- While it is true to much sugar can be unhealthy it won’t give you a “skinny fat” look because it’s sugar. You get that “look” because you are indeed fat. I’m sorry but sugar intake doesn’t suddenly change fat deposition patterns on your body.

    Rule 4- While it is true that nutrition is very important to being healthy, having a completely sedentary lifestyle won’t build muscle. Depending on your objective, running or bodyweight exercises might suffice, but if you want a “bigger” look, then weight training is the way to go.

    The recipes part of your website is very informative though, so keep up the good work.

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